How long?

Something strange and terrible has happened to my sense of time.  Although I have periodically breated myself for being such a bad little blogger, when I looked and saw that it has almost been a month since I posted anything, I was a little blown away.  Holy Hellfire, where has the time gone?

There is a little note on the office calender pointing to Monday two weeks ago.  That was put there because I was absoloutly steadfastly convinced that our office cottage getaway weekend was that coming weekend.  And was completely panicing because of the bazillion things I had to do before we went away.  Even when taken slowly, step by step through the calender, I couldn’t believe that it was actually the week after.  I had completely lost a full week, somewhere in my rattled little brain.  The same thing seems to have happened again.

What has happened between then and now?

Knees have been broken, apartments have been mover, Guitar Hero World Tour has been purchased, pillows have been fought with, my stupid driver’s licence has finally been reobtained…and so on, and so on, and so on.  How/when did I get so busy?


~ by Gutter Star on March 24, 2009.

One Response to “How long?”

  1. Welcome back Stacie. If you think time disappears now, wait ’til you get to my age. Years go by like months.However I still think that is better than time weighing heavy on your hands. If it’s going by fast it means you’re productive and your life is likely rich and full. Nothing wrong with that.
    Congrats again on getting relicenced.

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